Predictive Research

Predictive Trader

Predictive Trader is a mini trading platform having a unique award winning trading strategy embedded inside. This product can be utilized in various ways, to backtest the inbuilt machine learning trading strategy for any chosen ticker (symbol) to directly to trade through chosen broker (customized based on the client choices). The internal engine utilizes the combinations of various technical indicators and proprietary indicators of Predictive Research and applies advanced Fuzzy Logic to make decision to buy or sell or hold.

You can download freely the software test yourself (register the product to avail free 7 day support) to believe, how you can win consistently..

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Major Features

The product includes the feature to connect to the user chosen data sources (default testing can be done on even Yahoo, Google provided data etc.,) and extracts historical data based on the requirements of client. The product provides options to set the profit target, stop loss and also generates buy, sell and hold signals. These signals can trigger trade (based on the chosen broker of client) continuously. The product also generates .csv Report of backtesting for the chosen period.

The graph generated by pressing Plot Graph button indicates when to start the trading and when to come of trading, when to buy and when to sell.

Download it now and see what all the buzz is about!